SERVUS | Touch Screen

Most homes today have a lot of "stuff" mounted on the wall besides the entrance to the room. Especially at the entrance and in the main living areas.  Controls for the lights, thermostats, alarm, maybe even door entry all in a different colours, shapes and sizes. Yes we have gained control but we have also gained what interior designers call "wall achne".

SERVUS is the perfect solution for this problem. It is one unit with all functions integrated. Even if you are in need of central control with multi-media features.  For example a camera monitor, built-in radio , TV and door phone system. SERVUS melts everything in one carefully designed, beautifully styled unit. 

SERVUS can be used in your home office, master bedroom, living room, kitchen and any place where you want full centralised control with the extra multi media features.

Just Imagine....

When somebody rings at the gate or front door, the video image automatically appears on the screen and a picture with time stamp is memorised in the system.

Open the gate and the light comes on to give a warm welcome to your visitor, the entrance lights softly dim and maybe you predefined that TV-set is to be shut down automatically and the sound system is set to play soft music. Only by opening the gate, nothing more to do. Thanks to SERVUS,you now have control at the touch of a button.

The SERVUS-GL with 6.4” display with touch screen and natural glass front plate brings the most exclusive control panel available. The SERVUS multi-media touch screen is the top level interface that will integrate with all Home Automation functionalities you can imagine. From standard control of all available lights, curtains, shutters, shades, gates, doors, etc… to built-in radio, TV, almost unlimited number of camera’s connected and door video- phone functionalities.

Bring the whole flat or house in a specific mood? Click the moods icon and make your choice of the custom moods which are pre prepared to your own specific needs: ‘having visitors’, ‘taking a shower’, ’going to bed’, ‘normal evening mood’, ‘romantic evening’, ‘watching TV’, ‘reading a book’, ‘music and light’, just name it… And it doesn’t have to be static. Once and a while the mood may change the light settings or the colour of a LED-wall… it changes colour subtley without seeing it. Or may be the garden lights and the fountain change settings once and a while, while you enjoy your time with friends.

Amazingly, SERVUS also takes automatic pictures of all visitors and memorise up to 30 of them, together with date and time, in its video memory. If you come back from being out, you can check who’s been there.

SERVUS has many more functions, it only takes a few minutes of training to know how it works and you will never forget. SERVUS was made to relax, to feel comfortable and safe. Stand-by at your service. 24 hours a day and 365 days per year. Forget it for the next twenty years, because although SERVUS is very powerful, it has no moving parts in it (no fans, no hard disk) and no hot electronics. It is made to last (almost) forever without any maintenance.