The MAIOR Touch Screen series is the perfect centralized user interface for the high-end customer. It integrates the control of all home automation functions in the house. Every MAIOR is equipped with an integrated microphone and speaker.

When somebody rings at the gate or front door, the MAIOR jumps to your preferred page. There you may not only see the door phone camera, but also additional cameras with a wider view.

The MAIOR Touch Screen is available as a 10”, a 15” or a mind blowing 19” Touch Screen. The modern designer frames are a combination of aluminium and glass, which can fit even the most luxurious interior.

The looks of your MAIOR user interface is based on the almost unlimited features of the GUI+ Software. Select the room or a floor and any function is just a click away. With the MAIOR you have full control of lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, doors, gates, curtains, sunblinds, the multi-room multi-source audio system, the door phone system and the cameras.