LATUS-LCD Touch Window

This LATUS-LCD is a touch window with white feedback LEDs and build-in LCD display (2 x 16 characters). It is the perfect wall panel if you have several functions to be controlled in a room. Lights, curtains, shades, temperature, audio, etc… Also combination of several functions under one button, we call ‘moods’, are powerful and easy to use on the LATUS touch windows. Thanks to the customisable looks, the LATUS family control panels fit in every interior from classic to modern.

LATUS / LATUS-LCD are a high-end touch panel and can be combined with different front plates: White, Metal look (Pearl-nickel finish), Black (matte soft touch) and Gold. There is also a luxury version in brushed Solid Aluminium. This allows the LATUS control panels the ability to fit into any interior from classic to modern. Even the label design is able to be customised (printed by your integrator).

Latues has been designed with two groups of eight buttons, which offers a total of sixteen buttons. All of the right eight buttons has a feed-back LED for information on the controlled function. The left field (two rows of 4 buttons), on top and bottom of the display, are predefined for temperature control applications. The display has all necessary information for temperature in the different rooms in your house and gives the possibility to control all or a predefined number of rooms from one LATUS-LCD panel.

LATUS has also an IR receiver for remote control by default. Also the LATUS has a small built-in buzzer which can be used to attract your attention. Maybe you would like a small audible alarm if somebody is approaching the front door or in the garden or you may just want to have an alert when you got to leave for the gym (on certain days only)? It’s up to you.

This very successful touch window technology was invented by TELETASK and it offers the advantages of a touchscreen, without the expensive price. To be able to learn and to memorise the different functions of each of the buttons, your Teletask contractor will print a fully customised label which slides-in at the back of the window. So if you have a lot of functions to control, LATUS and LATUS-LCD maybe the answer.

If you prefer yellow LED’s in stead of white, use ref. TDS12001YL in stead of TDS12001WL.

There is also a LATUS-LCD (TDS12015WB) available with B&O IR receiver to control the TELETASK system with your Bang & Olufson remote control.