TELETASK ‘GUI’ makes your world look different.

The TELETASK GUI+ Software enables you to control all of the functions in your home from a PC or wall mounted PC with a large touch screen.

Based on custom designed ground floors, the used touch screen will show you all functionalities available in your house. On the screen you have symbols for lights, curtains, shutters, thermostats, gates, fountains, etc, etc… By simply clicking the desired room or area, and then clicking the icon of the desired function (click the curtain on the screen to control it), you are in full control of your environment. It is powerful and simple at the same time. Extra on screen information is always available. Weather- and traffic information, local or remote camera’s, all on the TELETASK GUI screen.

 You can have GUI in house but also outdoor on a remote site. Wherever you are in the world. May be on your laptop. Just connect your house over the internet and your PC becomes a mouse controlled screen. So you can take your house and its functions with you where ever you are. Change the temperature settings before you go home or open the gate and front door from remote site, … feel good !

You can also run the software on an Ultra Mobile computer with touch screen. It than becomes your wireless multi-media remote control which you can take all over the house and outdoor. Communication over LAN/WAN/Wifi is default available with any TELETASK system. You simply can’t buy anymore without LAN connection!