Integrated access control offers you the ultimate comfort.

The TELETASK access control system uses only the highest safety standards of access control. The TELETASK chip cards and key tags offers not only easy access, but at a very high safety level. Unlikely as a standard mechanical key or a standard memory card, the electronic access cards and tags from TELETASK contain complex electronics for the safest access control.

Beside of the TDS12142 proximity unit offering standard access, it can arrange limited access as well. The cleaning lady is for example limited to enter the house only in the morning or on certain days, or only when nobody else is at home. Safety and privacy guaranteed. The gardener can only open the main gate and the garage and not the front door. The owners get full access including heating/cooling control when entering, etc… The cleaning lady gets other temperature settings, but she is offered some music in the bedrooms for some time. The gardener has no indoor access and functionalities!

If somebody looses his card or key or it is stolen, you can simply remove the card from the system memory list and the card can not be used anymore.

Simple as that! No security problems anymore. If you have remote access with your PC, you can even make the changes from far away… or ask your contractor to offer this remote service for you.