AURUS-OLED is idea of the TELETASK design team made of touch sensitive glass. This touch panel reads like a novel with four pages. Every page has eight buttons whose functions are visualised on the bright OLED display. On this beautiful panel you have up to 32 buttons of control.

To thumb through this booklet you use three hidden buttons. Every page can be styled to your exact needs, both the functionalities and the icons. To do this TELETASK offers you a large icon-library or even better: your contractor can create his own icons. Additionally it is also possible to display messages and alarms on the OLED display.

For the ease of use, the AURUS-OLED is completely predefined with a special AUDIO and TEMPERATURE control page. It is of coarse possible to redefine any of the buttons as you would like.










All buttons have a crystal clear feedback including evening light, a built-in IR receiver and buzzer. Moreover the AURUS-OLED has a built-in temperature sensor for room temperature control. When using the TELETASK remote control in conjunction with this touch panel it opens up even more variety of functions.

As for the mounting of the unit, just about any standard single wall box can be used for both brick and plasterboard walls. The AURUS-OLED is provided to be mounted in these wall boxes with two screws or claws. Beside this the panel can be plugged into its own wall bracket therfore allowing the panel to be completely recessed into the wall allowing for a seemless design, this of course can be in either a vertical or horizontal position.    

AURUS-OLED is available in glossy black, glossy white, aluminium-grey and champagne-gold colour. Even the paint coat is ceramic quality and has been baked into the glass therefore giving you decades of colour permanence.