Available in Black , White, Aluminium Grey and Gold

TELETASK AURUS is a touch panel with 100% natural glass front plate. The glass plate of the AURUS gives the impression that it floats just in front of the wall, creating a reflection of lights and shadows. This high-end product is a minimalistic jewel and will improve your lifestyle to the highest level.

 The AURUS is made for both form and function. The glass plates are made out of 4mm safety glass with ceramic colour printing at the back of the front plate. Beatifully designed to resist the hardest conditions for decades! It features four easy to use (large) touch buttons. A hidden button is available to get into a 'cleaning' mode. With a simple trick you can activate this mode to make sure no functions are activated when cleaning. On top there are four white LED's for feed-back and night lighting. There is also a built-in Infrared receiver for remote control and a buzzer for acoustic feedback. Finaly there is also a     built-in temperature sensor which can be used as a room temperature control.

Depending on your preferences, the AURUS can be placed either vertically or horizontally! This may also be changed in a matter of seconds by the contractor without changing the wall box.

The AURUS is to be used in rooms and areas where only one or two buttons aren’t sufficient. If you look for additional remote control, this design touch panel can be the best choice. On top of the basic four button functions, the remote control offers a pallet of extra controls: 16 (free programmable) control functions plus the necessary buttons for heating/airco, audio and multi-colour lighting control, etc... You only need the TELETASK TDS12502 remote control for these extra funtions.

As for the mounting of the unit, just about any standard single wall box can be used for both brick or plasterboard walls. The AURUS is provided to be mounted in these wall boxes with two screws or claws, all supplied with the unit.