The Amina® AIWX Series of Plaster-In Invisible Loudspeakers are the world’s first high performance loudspeaker that is designed to be skimmed over with 2mm of normal finishing plaster, providing a completely concealed audio solution whilst allowing designers and builders a very high quality wall or ceiling finish ready to accept a decoration of choice (paint, paper, etc). By using the principle of distributed vibrations, the AIWX Series Loudspeakers produce a sound that has exceptional clarity and room filling properties and have much in common with the way an acoustic musical instrument works.

The width of the product (345mm) allows it to fit well within 400mm centred wood or metal stud-work commonly used today in walls and ceilings. However, for special cases (for example for setting in the plaster work between old wooden ceiling beams in heritage properties), the AIW3X-S200 is perfectly suited.