Most modern houses come equipped with a lot of comfort featues as standard, however perhaps you are planning to build or renovate a house on your own.

If you would like some extra spot lights in the kitchen, dimmed floor lamps in the lounge, motorised curtains or blinds, separate temperature control in different areas, access control combined with door openers, motorised gates, speakers in the kitchen and the bathroom, a door phone system and perhaps a security system, then that’s quite a lot of things to understand and to be able to control.

Basically all of these features are designed to make your life easier, however with all of the configurations, switches and remotes it can become a nightmare.

At USD we suggest a far more simple way of control - by using the TELETASK solution!

Simplicity, that’s where the TELETASK solution comes in to it's own.. You can have all your systems, but they can be connected together in a very simple and highly reliable way. The results are amazing instead of walking in the house to click hundreds of buttons and switches and knobs... you get a simple and timelessly designed TELETASK wall panel and you click only one button.

Click on 'morning, night ' or 'leaving the house'... and just relax, forget about the rest. Use your time for more useful activities. TELETASK brings easy to use, comfortable and security oriented solutions. Based on nearly thirty years of experience, today worldwide in more than forty countries. And you’re not alone, ten-thousands of our customers use Teletask to give them the freedom to enjoy a higher quality of life!