Our automation systems are often referred to as "home automation" systems, but they are so much more that that. 

Our mission statement is to provide comfort and security to the end user.  This is wonderful to have in a private residence, but can prove priceless in a working environment or hotel.

We have touched on the benefits and savings with regard to energy consumption in the domestic environment.  If you are considering automating for example in a hotel, the benefits can be multiplied many times over.

For example: 

Every suite in a top class hotel can be equipped with its own independent TELETASK automation installation, which can easily control the lights, the curtains, the room temperature, connected devices and of course that all important background music. The bedroom can be equipped with a user friendly LATUS touch panel, which can control everything. Each button has a customised label, A combination of languages are also possible. Each function can be easily controlled by the TELETASK remote control from the bed.  The bathroom can be controlled, by integrated traditional wall switches. Those switches can control the lights, the fan and also the background music. Independent from the manual fan control, TELETASK activates the fan automatically, when the hotel guest takes a shower.

After the door is opened by the traditional hotel card and after the card is inserted into the room card holder, the TELETAK system will get the information that the room is occupied. The temperature control will be activated, the lights switch on and the background music starts. If using a TELETASK GUI, than all functions, e.g. incl. the temperature settings, can be monitored and adjusted not only by the customer but also from the reception desk. In reality just knowing that a room is unoccupied and all the functions can then be put to "standby mode" is a real and obvious saving.

Similar systems can be applied to the workplace, Office blocks, retail stores and more.  The possibilities with USD are endless, timeless and limitless!