Case Study - Business Premises

Objective| to create a productive and positive atmosphere in a high-tech company building, by optimizing light, temperature, access control, multi-media presentations, building management and safety.

Description | The TELETASK offices and laboratories are located in a 1960's factory building. Upon purchase in 2004, the TELETASK management decided to completely refurbish, keeping the integrity of the old building but combing it with Teletasks high tech fully integrated automation. The final result is open and inviting workspaces, an impressive showroom, a comfortable training and seminar rooms. A lot of attention was spent on the energy management. The TELETASK offices offer perfect working conditions by integrating lighting, heating/cooling/ventilation and access control.  The sunshades in offices, rooms and laboratories are managed by the system, as are the motorised windows in the showroom and meeting rooms. This high level of integration can be controlled by any employee.
Every room is equipped with a LATUS and every employee has his own GUI on his PC. The environmental settings are only one click away on everybody's PC screen. On top of that, the company management has total control over the building by means of a prestigious desk mounted SERVUS unit. It offers the building manager an overview of all lights, temperatures, gates, doors, shades, wall sockets, garden sprinklers, etc... Including camera views to the outdoor surroundings and some of the indoor areas as well.
When entering the building, the level of authority given on the proximity card of the entering person defines what functions are activated. If management level, the access to the building is given and all basic functions are activated. When an employee enters the building, he is given access only when the management is already there. At the same time the temperature settings of his desk and energy to his desk is given. Upon leaving the company all necessary energy is disconnected, temperature settings are changed, the electrified shades are retracted, the electrified windows are automatically closed, copy machines and printers are disconnected from the mains, etc... and the security system is armed. Simple, secure and energy friendly.