USD are specialists in  the distribution of home automation systems. We have unrivalled experience in the home automation market place, where we are able to train and guide you to help your customers on the installation of your their home automation projects from domestic properties right through to office blocks, commercial properties and even hotels. USD are the UK distributors of TELETASK and various other complimentary brands.  On our website you will find downloads of the brochures and  the technical data for the entire Teletask range.  You will also find information on the other product ranges that we supply to compliment that of the Teletask technology. Using our  solutions you will be able to integrate: Lighting, including full-colour control, power sockets Curtains, sun blinds, shutters, gates Access control, security Temperature control: heating, cooling and ventilation Audio, video, TV, home theatre Communication (door phone, cell phone, PC, internet) Garden sprinklers, fountains There are many ways to control all of these functions.  You could either use one of the in property control panels such as the AURUS or remotely using your PC's, even your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile. We recognise that every project is unique, why not contact us now to discuss yours?